Friday, August 28, 2009

Packing a Television for the Big Move

By Steve Clauson

Since televisions are usually one of our more delicate and breakable items, it is important to properly package them during a move. By doing so you will be able to keep your television safe from scrapes and dents and also help make certain that it comes back to your home again in one piece.

The best way to pack your television is to use its original box. It was meant to fit that specific television, and usually comes with foam blocks or other support to keep it secure.

If you no longer have the original box your television came in you can still find boxes to fit your television. The best places to look are normally at your local moving dealerships, such as Uhaul. They also have a lot of good packing supplies, such as bubble wrap or moving pads, to help keep your television secure.

There are different packing supplies that can be used around your television before you place it inside its box. Look around for what works best for you, whether that be bubble wrap, moving pads, or even towels. You can secure them with painters tape if you don't want to worry about damaging the outside of your television set.

Sometimes, for one reason or another, a box can't be found that fits your television. If this is the case make certain to use a lot of packing material. Bubble wrap is one of the best packing material out there because it absorbs a lot of shock and is easy to place. Putting card board over the screen of your television is another good idea to protect the screen from harm.

When moving your television be certain to have another person there to help you move it. Televisions can be a lot heavier than we expect and having an extra person there to help put it in its box or move it to your vehicle will help make sure it doesn't get dropped.

Never put a television on its side during the move. Placing it in as close to an upright position as possible is best when moving sincetelevisions were meant to be upright and can handle traveling a lot better that way.

Remembering to pack your television properly will keep it safe during your move. And before you know it, you will have it back on its entertainment center, ready for use - without a scratch or dent to be seen.

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