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What To Put In Your Emergency Kit To Be Prepared For an Extended Power Outage in Your Community

By Connor R Sullivan

September of 2008 was the time of a very unusual hurricane that started off the coast of Texas but was so strong that it continued going all the way into states like Ohio and Michigan where Hurricanes do not typically happen . The destructive path was bad and a lot of people had no power for 1-5 weeks depending on where you lived . This article will describe the steps to prepare for a big storm , even a hurricane in Ohio which is an event many never thought they would see . It will touch on structures to have such as steel buildings instead of wooden ones for storage items and installing a roll up door for your businesses instead of a traditional one . It will also offer suggestions on what to have to be prepared for not having power for a long time .

A lot of Americans , especially the ones in the Midwest last Fall were ill prepared to experience a hurricane in their communities and the devastation that it caused around them. A lot of of the residents were used to being without power for 1-2 days due to thunder and lightning storms but not from hurricane strength winds . Because so many residents in Cincinnati lost their power for days to weeks , many of them realized they were ill prepared for such an event to occur and now have made sure to be ready for the next storm .

The first thing you need to do to prepare for an extended power outage is to put together a large kit to be organized and stored all together. Several homeowners have flashlights shoved in different places all throughout the house and then when the lights go out, they can't locate any of them . So having one spot for your emergency kit is a wise idea.

The biggest thing you may want to invest in is a generator. For the people that had them and were without power for a long time, it made their powerless experience quite comfortable. There are different sizes of generators and you can get one that simply helps you to run a refrigerator and a couple of power outlets for lights, etc. Gas became a hard thing to get too during the storm so be certain you have plenty of containers of gasoline available to power the generator.

The next item to own would be lighting. Put flashlights, headlamps and additional batteries all in a plastic bin or basket. Another good item is a battery operated lantern that people use for camping that can illuminate a whole room. Also, put big candles and matches in the bin as well which can help illuminate your home . Another necessary thing to have in your emergency kit is a crank powered radio so you can stay updated on the news surrounding the storm. If you do not own a car cell phone charger, that would be another great suggestion so you can have phone access when your home line goes out as well as your electricity.

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