Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Carpet Cleaning Machines

By Brad Walker

Ever thought about steam cleaning your carpets? Ever wondered how a steam cleaner really works? There is a big difference between steam cleaning your carpets as opposed to shampooing them. We have written this article to help you understand the difference.

Its not too hard to understand the basic principles of the steam cleaner machine. The way it works is that a steam cleaner draws up dirt up to the surface and then wipes it off before it has a chance to stain the carpet. The machine uses a liquid base solvent that evaporates quickly into steam. The machine injects this solvent into the carpet which sucks up the dirt using high pressured air. Once the dirt has been removed the steam cleaner has a vacuum mechanism which makes sure all the dirt has been removed.

Steam cleaners differ from each other and it can be hard to know which ones will work best with your carpet. First do some research on the type of carpet you have to make sure it does well with high heat steam and won't melt it. Also, use a gentle solvent to make sure your carpet does not get bleached and ruined.

Some steam cleaners are also called carpet extractors and vacuum cleaners. Rug Doctors are actually a form of steam cleaner, but they don't usually use high enough heat to get all the dirt out. Once you find a machine that works with your carpet make sure to follow the instructions and use a mild solvent.

Steam cleaning is one of the most effective ways to get dirt out of carpet, and it gets much better results than shampooing or using chemical cleaners. There are countless images on the web and we even have some on our website that truly show just how effective steam cleaning your carpets can really be.

We hope this article has helped you feel confident about steam cleaning your carpets to give them a nice deep clean.

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