Sunday, August 23, 2009

What Helps Some Businesses Survive While Others Fail?

By Conner R Sullivan

In recent years, Florida has had some tough luck with the weather and the economy. There have been several huge hurricanes that have passed through the state in the past five years that have really ruined many homes and businesses. The economy has also created a large problem for several second home owners who have lost their homes to foreclosure making it one of the largest amounts of foreclosure states in the nation . Some businesses that are helpful for these two scenarios are storage facilities that rent out mini storage buildings to store your items when you lose your home and also the business that sell roll up doors and metal shutters to place on residences and store fronts to prepare for a hurricane.

Storage facility businesses have always had a steady business in recent years with people using them for having more items that they can fit in their house or a temporary place to store their items while waiting to move into a new home . Now with so many residents having to move out of their homes because of foreclosure, storage facilities are overflowing with business where many places are not only full but have long waiting lists. This is one of those examples of a business that seems to do better , when everyone else is doing worse .

Another area of business that does better when people are having difficult times is emergency based businesses that supply items to help prevent damage to their homes or businesses. One such niche is the business that sell window and door roll up doors and shades to cover the outside window and doors of a home that may be prone to hurricanes. Many huge hurricanes where many people had their places ruined from their windows and doors broke and the wind and water entered their home saw their neighbors that had the reinforced steel coverings appeared to avoid having much damage to their place . This created a large influx of business for these companies that sell hurricane prevention things for the outside of your residence or business.

A majority of of these businesses that have done well never intended on doing better due to the hardship of others but it is a simple fact of life and certain things that are necessary in an economic or weather based crisis may not be needed once things settle down again. Therefore, if your storage facility business is booming you may desire to grow it bigger . This may not be a good idea because as the economy gets better and the people return to owning homes, your business will level off as well and if you expand too quickly you may be stuck with greater storage facilities than you have renters . So, proceed with caution .

Hopefully when the economy gets better and the global warming slowly reduces to slow down some of the horrific storms it has been causing , the Floridians will be doing well again .

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