Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Home Bathroom Design Tips

By Tom Jupert

Your bathrooms, especially your main floor guest bathroom, will get a lot of use and your guests should feel comfortable when using them. Everything about your bathrooms including how clean they are, their style, how bright they are, and what colors they are painted all reflect upon you and your house.

The first thing a person sees when they enter a bathroom is the color of the walls. For this reason, you should put extra thought in deciding what colors are appropriate for the style of bathroom you want. If you use colors that are too dark, they will make the bathroom a gloomy place and make it harder for people to see what they are doing. Even if you have bright lights in your bathroom, very dark walls may still have a negative impact. For this reason, neutral colors and colors that have some brightness in them are probably the best choice.

The accessories you choose for your bathroom should mix with the rest of the room and fit in well. You have a sink, tub, shower curtains, and mirror that all need to fit together and look like they belong together. Some bathrooms also have a standing cabinet that should look like it is part of the bathroom. The colors you choose, the designs you choose, and the items you choose for your bathroom must all serve a purpose and work together to create an inviting room for your guests.

The wrong shower curtain can ruin your whole bathroom. When a person walks in to your bathroom, the shower curtain is probably the first thing their eyes will see, especially if it is pulled closed. Looking for some good bathroom shower curtain ideas is what you need to do if you want to make sure your bathroom shows off it's best side.

Shower curtains used to only come in a few cheap plastic variations but now you can go all out and find real nice ones. In fact, you can spend quite a lot of money on one if you choose to. They now make bathroom shower curtains in all sorts of fabrics and styles and with a little shopping around you should be able to find one that fits in nicely with the colors of your bathroom. You need to make sure you dont undo everything else in the bathroom design wise by selecting the wrong curtain or choosing one that looks too inexpensive.

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