Saturday, August 29, 2009

Things You Can Do With Your Garage

By Sonny Jackson

If you have a large garage, chances are that you are missing an opportunity to use the space effectively. Especially if you have a two or three car garage and dont have it filled up with cars, you might have enough space to almost make another room in your house. In this day and age where everyone wants to move to bigger houses, you might be missing an opportunity to add space that is right under your nose.

Most people end up using any extra garage space for storage but with a little thought you can come up with many ideas. For instance, if you want to take the effort you can create a nice area for a small gym or even an office. Heavy workout machines are easily rolled into the garage and it is a great place for a workout, especially in the winter where it will be cool in the garage.

The men of the house are usually the ones that show the most interest in the garage, as that is where they like to keep their tools and yard maintenance equipment. Wives often dont care what the man does with the garage and this leaves an opening to make it into whatever he wants.

Some cool garage ideas are what you need if you are going to turn your garage into the envy of your neighborhood. If you only have one car but you have a two or three car garage, you have a great opportunity to construct a place for guys to hang out that is very cool. Extra space in your garage can be made into most anything you want it to be including a game room where you can get away from the rest of the house and play cards with your buddies. Many guys are installing big flat screens in their garages so they can have a neat place to watch all their sporting events.

If you want to complete the job and truly take your garage to the next level, you will want to cover it with mats or a floor sealant. If you were to cover it wall to wall with a rubber surface, it will feel much better to walk on as opposed to the cold cement. Choosing to seal your garage floor will not only make it look better but it will also help protect it from all the dirt and moisture your car brings in every night. Properly finishing your garage floor will show that you take pride in your garage and it will make it look more like an extension of the house.

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