Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Importance of Good Bathroom Design

By Tom Jupert

Bathrooms usually get a lot of use and that is true for the guest bathroom on the main floor especially. Since your guests will be using your bathrooms, you want to make sure they are clean and look their best. Your bathrooms are most certainly a reflection of you and your house.

One of the most important things about your bathroom and one that makes an immediate impression is the color you have chosen. Bathroom color ideas are therefore very important and should be considered carefully. Dark colors should be avoided because in the bathroom, you need to be able to clearly see what you are doing. Dark bathroom walls absorb light and make the room darker than it should be. You might do best with neutral colors that are on the bright side so as to give the bathroom an upbeat feel.

The accessories you choose for your bathroom should mix with the rest of the room and fit in well. You have a sink, tub, shower curtains, and mirror that all need to fit together and look like they belong together. Some bathrooms also have a standing cabinet that should look like it is part of the bathroom. The colors you choose, the designs you choose, and the items you choose for your bathroom must all serve a purpose and work together to create an inviting room for your guests.

The wrong shower curtain can ruin your whole bathroom. When a person walks in to your bathroom, the shower curtain is probably the first thing their eyes will see, especially if it is pulled closed. Looking for some good bathroom shower curtain ideas is what you need to do if you want to make sure your bathroom shows off it's best side.

There are many more options with shower curtains now than there used to be. No longer are they all a cheap plastic and you can spend a surprising amount of money on one if you want to. Picking the right curtain means picking one that blends in with the bathroom dcor and not one that stands on its own or overpowers the rest of the room. You can have ones made of different materials and all sorts of patterns, colors, and even shapes. If you take the time to pick out your bathroom shower curtains carefully, you will find they make a good addition to the room and they help complete design and mood you are going for rather than hinder it.

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