Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What Kind Of Candle Lanterns Should You Buy?

By Candace Dogood

Outdoor candle lanterns are very popular with homeowners and landscape designers. Because they are relatively cheap and they are easy to install, it is not hard to see why. You may want to go out and buy some right now, but you may have some questions about where to find them, what they are made of and maybe even where you might want to put them.

Candle lanterns can be found at many brick and mortar stores like hardware or home improvement stores. The downfall of shopping at one of these places is that you are at the mercy of the limited amount of inventory that exists. These places only have so much space to devote to any one item and so their stock is limited. Your best bet to find the right item for you is to search for and buy it online.

The main part of the candle lantern is the lantern holder itself. The lantern holder supports the candle. These lanterns holders are usually made of metal so it renders the lantern fireproof. The exceptions to this rule are those lanterns made from non-metal material such as paper, wood and nylon.

These lanterns have a wide diversity in design. The designs can run the gamut from a Moroccan style lantern to an Asian inpired design.

Rustic lanterns harken back to the days of the Old West when our ancestors conquered the American West. These lanterns are made of metal with a bulbous glass side and can either be hung or placed on a flat surface.

Pagoda lanterns are also a nice choice if you want to have a party with an asian theme. These lanterns typically have an ornate design on the outside cutout panels. These designs allow light to shine through them.

If you are looking to build out a middle eastern inspired backyard landscape, one type of lantern you might want to purchase is a Moroccan lantern. These are lanterns with metal bottoms and tops that are made of thick, colored glass that comprises the sides.

Whether its an Old West, Southwest, Asian or Middle Eastern style of landscaping, candle lanterns can fit your unique style and add to any party you throw.

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