Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ways To Improve Your Garden Decor

By Cheryl L. True

A garden can be private space or a lively place. It really depends on you and the type of garden dcor that you pick. The point of garden dcor is to piece your garden together.

Garden dcor is no different from home dcor but with numerous elements. Choose items like fences, trees, grass, walkway, bird feeder and flowers. Furniture is commonplace in garden dcor but it should be comprised of material that will withstand all kinds of weather. Obviously, don't forget to hide your furniture during winter months if you live in a location that has winters.

Singular focus - one way to change your garden decor is to emphasize one part of the garden and build the rest around it. This can be accomplished by making a gazebo, a rose pillar or any statue or sculpture you fancy.

A sense of architecture - you can provide an architectural form and a sense of style to your garden decor by adding a bit of iron gate work, elegant metal topiary forms or concrete statuary to the garden. Simple garden ornaments and artful decor contribute tremendously to the aesthetic value of your outdoor living garden.

Adding water features - building a waterfall or a fountain can add a lot of value to your garden decor. In fact, most Japanese gardens have a water feature. The ones without water features have something that represents water like grey gravel or sand. If you would like to be a little innovative, you can turn your whole garden into a water garden.

Collect and scatter - after having collected a variety of art and ornamentation to add to your garden decor, make sure you scatter it throughout the landscape. Some people place topiary or sculpture forms in distant small landscaped garden spaces for maximum viewing impact. Try and frame ornamental pieces of art with easy-growing shrubs and low-growing flowers.

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