Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Role Solar Panels Play In Making Solar Energy

By Neo Defrank

We can use the power of the sun by using solar panels to convert it to usable energy. Solar panels work by attracting the sun's power & converting it to usable energy which can power anything from a hand held calculator to powering a whole house. There are more devices powered by solar panels than ever before. We can all become more efficient and environmentally conscious by making the switch to using solar panels.

A more primitive way of using the sun's power was discovered more than a hundred years ago. The use of steam from the sun's heat was used to power and maintain machinery. When the news spread, scientists showed up from everywhere to see the discovery in action. They wasted no time in research and development of more efficient ways to attract and use the sun's power including the development of solar panels.

Solar panels are produced in many shapes and sizes but they are all intended to attract the sun's light so that it can be converted into electricity. Photovoltaic or PV for short is the process that allows the solar energy to become a usable energy. Thin film solar cells or photovoltaic cells are thin layers of photovoltaic materials that are deposited on a substrate or semiconductor. These solar cells are an integral part for processing the power of the sun into electricity. We can then use this electricity (solar power), to heat our water, our homes or power our homes.

Solar panels can be seen on top of houses, buildings or you might see an array of solar panels in a field. The most common and often forgotten solar panel is that in our hand held solar calculators. With the ever rising electricity costs, research and development of more ways to use solar has skyrocketed. There are solar chargers, solar lights, solar computers, solar phones and ever solar vehicles in the works. Becoming more environmentally conscious is becoming the in-thing to do, it no longer belongs to the hippies of the 70's or the secluded who want to be left alone. There are even whole sub-divisions being developed to be completely solar powered.

Just a few years ago it could be costly to convert your home over to solar power but with today's advances it is much more affordable to convert. The initial investment is the largest cost but there are new programs sponsored by the government offering incentives and tax breaks to help cover the cost. In the long run using solar panels to power your home will save you money by cutting out your power bill. It is a win-win situation when you consider all the benefits of making the switch to using solar panels.

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