Monday, August 3, 2009

The Basics of Wind Energy

By Dale Green

We've been using wind energy in this world for hundreds of years. You've seen windmills in images from Holland, along farmlands in the United States, and various other parts of the world. They are used to help pump water, grind grain, and help the economy continue to grow. Unfortunately, it took a huge energy crisis for us to start taking notice of all the benefits.

The way they work is these wind turbines are attached to a tower. They have to be at least a hundred feet high in order to get the best benefits and catch the bigger gusts of wind. If there isn't enough wind being produced, it could cause a lot of problems for several companies, self employed farmers, and even hurt the economy. Everything is attached to everything else, which is why it's important to figure out the best routes for wind energy.

Just think as the turbines as propellers you see on airplanes. It's the way they are used to catch the wind and create the energy around the area they're located. The normal size is around 2 to 3 blades, which are attached to the rotor. When a wind pocket hits these, a lift happens and allows the rotor to turn, which of course starts the generator and produces electricity.

A wind turbine can be used by itself on a small scale. This type of wind turbine are usually used either for communication functions or for pumping water. But farmers, ranchers, and homeowners the reside in areas that have plenty of wind, can utilize the turbines for electricity there by lowering their power bills.

Now, if you need a larger application, then more than one turbine will need to be utilized. Normally these are just combined with solar power applications. You often see these as part of a utility grid power system or working together in a wind plant somewhere. While this may sound like a far way off, many power companies today are purchasing excess energy from their customers that use wind energy. So not only will they save money, but you will as well.

It's safe to say that we are depleting the fossil fuels out there at an astonishing rate. This is why you need to find alternative power, which in this case is wind energy. If it's not wind energy, then it's solar energy. In fact, you can even use the two of them together for more savings in businesses and homes.

Keep in mind this is a renewable resource, and actually helps the environment. Since there is a huge issue with energy today, we need as many people as possible to use this type of energy. While it will be a monumental task, it all starts with one person. When the word spreads, then the domino effect begins.

So do your part for the planet and take a deeper look into wind energy. Check the charts in your area to see if there is enough wind on a consistent basis. If everything is up to par, then start taking advantage of all the benefits.If you take this route then the only side effect you will see is happiness. We all have nagging irritations throughout the day and figure out ways to overcome them. Unfortunately, your dog doesn't have the same luxury as you to apply lotion, creams, or anything else to help the skin. So do them a favor and start using natural dog shampoo. Let everyone else know too, because it's something every dog owner should hear about before they wash their dogs

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