Saturday, August 1, 2009

Choosing The Best LCD & Plasma TV Stands

By Raven Style

You have just bought your dream LCD and Plasma TVs complete with all the home theater equipment. You are ready now to sit down, relax and watch a movie. But wait, all your entertainment system is just sitting in the corner! You have a state-of-the-art home entertainment system but you forgot something " LCD & Plasma TV stands!

What is the first thing to consider when buying LCD and Plasma TV stands? First things first : determine the type and size of your TVs. Of course, you have the type figured out for yourself since you are looking for a particular type of TV stands " LCD and Plasma TVs. Sizes may vary because of the wide range of LCD and Plasma TV sizes that are available in the market. Assuming that you have one already, you may want to ask the salesman or read your manual to determine the size of your TVs.

Your options : LCD and Plasma TV Stands or Mount. Now that you already know the type and size of your TVs, you have the options of having it stand on a shelf or be mounted on an arm that is part of a stand.

If you are going for the stand, you want to make sure that it has ample size large enough to handle the size and weight of your LCD and Plasma TVs. The same goes for Mounting. With mounting though you can save more space in the floor area and it gives you a high level position for your TVs which you can tilt and adjust. But then again it all depends on your preference.

Next critical thing : Shelving. If you opt to have LCD and Plasma TV stands, you need to know the shelving details. Everything else that goes with your LCD and Plasma TVs which makes part of your home entertainment system (i.e. DVD player, cable boxes, consoles, and speakers among many others). The question is how many room do you need to have for storage of these equipment? Does your TV stand have ample rooms for shelving standard size component electronics?

If the price is right! Cost has always been in the list when it comes to buying. No matter what you buy, cost is always a thing to consider. For your LCD and Plasma TV stands, look for suppliers with competitive price that does not backslash on quality. Although it does not follow that an expensive one would mean the best buy for you. Check out on reviews and settle for the best LCD and Plasma TV stands if the price is right.

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