Saturday, August 8, 2009

Choosing the Type of Sod for Landscaping

By Wayne Jefferson

Using sod instead of planting grass seeds has a few advantages and that is why a lot of people prefer it. With sod, you can get a green lawn right away without the waiting time that it would take if you actually planted grass seeds. Sod also addresses erosion and controls it as well as eliminating dust and mud.

Another good thing about sod is that it can be planted anytime so there would be no problems no matter what season you choose to do your landscaping. Maybe the best reason to choose it over seeding is that it can be used for total installation and it is just so much easier than actually planting grass.

Your first step is to choose the right type of sod. You need to choose sod that will not only have the right appearance but also how much maintenance it needs to thrive. For instance, there are certain types of sod that do well with shade while others do better with sun exposure. This means that the layout of the back or front yard should also be considered to make sure the sod that is chosen will survive.

You must also consider the consider the climate before selecting the type of sod to be used. Not all varieties will do well in cold climates, hot climates, or places where it is rainy all the time. There are also sods that can withstand high traffic areas better than others so if a lot of activities for the future lawn is in mind, it is best to consider those.

Kentucky Bluegrass does well in northern climates but there is a need to water it regularly to keep it green. It needs more water than warm season grasses such as Tall Fescue. Fescue will do well in moist areas and it will be able to adapt to different kinds of soil and it is preferred for high traffic areas. Bermuda is one of the most difficult ot grow and maintain because it doesn't do well in shade and is best for southern climates.

Zoysia is also does well in southern climates and it likes clay and sandy soil while growing quite well in the sun. One of the advantages of Zoysia is that it also does well in shade and is naturally-sresistant to weeds. You can also combine different varieties of sod to improve the adaptability to your climate. Sod is a great choice when you are planning your yard or garden but it is a good to start to know which type would be best suited to your geographical area.

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