Friday, August 7, 2009

The Functions And Designs Of The Bathroom Vanity

By Anne L. Prestridge

What is the next decision after the decision that you are ready for a new bathroom vanity? Consider convenience and your personal signature of style. Maybe it is time for two sinks instead of one, and figure how much space you can dedicate in your bathroom for housing the new vanity,

Big bathrooms have it all. A small bathroom with a huge vanity is more of a frustration than having a better-sized vanity to serve your needs. If the big vanity overwhelms the bathroom size you will be tripping all over the place. Don't trade one headache for another.

If your vanity has to be small, it still has to be high enough to use the sink. Using half shelves or storage containers allows you to organize your space with ease. Stacking isn't very convenient, so incorporate shelves for the division of height inside your vanity.

Flea markets will offer old furniture pieces that with just a little creative cutting on your part can be used as a vanity. It is fun to incorporate your imagination and there is no limit to that!

If you find the right cabinet, dry sink or commode for housing your sink, then the inside is merely cut to allow for the plumbing. This opens the possibilities for creating unusual bathroom fixtures and maybe even bringing a part of your childhood furniture from the attic into your home. Then give the piece a face lift with new paint or varnish and listen to the compliments of family and friends.

Building or designing your new home or even remodeling the existing one, gives you the opportunity to create the space you want to accommodate the long dreamed for vanity, the one you have seen in the magazines. Your vanity has storage space under the sink and holds your tools... Creams, brushes and curling iron during your daily routines on the top. That space for convenience means saving time and your sanity.

Single or double sink, old style or new, the bathroom vanity placed under the right lights and mirror will offer you convenience, glamour and storage. Convenience saves time, glamour adds to your feeling of well being and storage helps you to stay organized and saves your sanity.

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