Thursday, August 6, 2009

GE Water Filters, Changing Our Water Systems As We Know It.

By Zachus J Winestone

General Electric/GE originated in 1890 by Thomas Edison and is recognized by Forbes 2009 as the world's largest company. In 1892 GE combined with Thomson Houston Company which united several businesses. This company grew significantly in 1911 because of its lightning business and also holds the honor of being the first industrial park in the world.

Since the days of the lighting sector, GE has ventured out and diversified. Today, General Electric has a Conglomerate of businesses; Aviation, Aircraft, Jet Engines, Electricity, Entertainment, Finance, Gas Turbine, Generation Industrial Automation, Lighting, Medical Imaging Equipment, Medical Technology, Medical Software, Motors, Railway Locomotives and Wind Turbine.

Impact On Environment

With a company so large you would naturally assume that the environmental impact over the years would be huge. Just as many other business GE over the years have been guilty of environmental damage, but as part of its new regime GE is starting to become a world wide environmentalist, caring about how it impacts mother nature. In 2004 as part of its new approach to the environment, GE has since exceeded its targets reducing its gas emissions by 1.01 million metric tons with an overall energy savings of 4.42 million MMBtus.

Shortage Of Water-An Ongoing Crisis

Realizing the huge effect that water shortages have on countries around the world, GE has applied the entirety of its resources, technology and experience. To combat the problem of water scarcity, eco-imagination strives to stop the waste and misuse of water resources globally while increasing water recycling and access to safe water supplies.

Examining a case study will reveal that GE is a leader of a complex change as it transforms one of the companies more common yet useless asset into a needed life form. Utilizing the method of reverse osmosis which is less expensive and saves more energy than other processes, Africa's biggest desalination factory has been constructed. The Hamma factory was christened in Algeria in February 2008 and provides pure drinking water to more than one and a half million individuals at this time. Utilizing this innovative methodology to get a head start in its environmental movement, GE water filtration is satisfying the palates of many nations-one at a time.

Closer to home in south west America, the city of Tempe Arizona in collaboration with GE Water Filter & Process Technologies has recently improved its water reuse capabilities enormously. This new improvement allows the city of Arizona to reuse an additional 2.5 billion gallons of water per year. With this kind of productivity boost, recycling water in North America and around the world has changed forever. These are just two of the many outstanding GE water filter projects funded and implemented by eco-imagination. With the tremendous pace and purity now coming from recycled waste water, GE is revolutionizing waste water into a new valuable resource for the world. This positive impact is not just changing the environment but also changing individual lives, cities and countries which need that additional glimmer of hope.

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