Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Renewable Energy Sources Need Used

By Jozel Max

Throughout the world, there are so many conflicts presently affecting each and every member of the population it becomes difficult to focus on just one problem at a time. Among these global problems the most important of all is the amount of resources that are diminishing every minute of the day. Renewable energy sources need to become a way of life as soon as possible.

Electricity is one of the privileges that have become a necessity to those that have it. The most common type of renewable energy sources used to create electricity is the sun. This is referred to as solar energy. The second most popular method of generating electricity is by using a windmill; these are expensive and require a lot of land. Then water can be used in the form of a water wheel, but water is becoming more and more in demand. A winning type of energy making equipment does not require any source to function but itself.

Heating a building with petroleum based fuels such as kerosene, diesel, or propane is highly toxic via the exhaust produced and released into the atmosphere. Therefore, wood pellet stoves have been introduced. These stoves burn small pellets which are similar to the size of rabbit pellets and are made of compressed saw dust. This is a good alternative to use for heating a building, but the pellets have become expensive.

Another important renewable energy is the use of biodiesel products. This fuel is a diesel fuel that can power any diesel using engine. There are a number of uses that can do nothing but help the air pollution problem. Diesel engines have supplied the transportation industry with legitimate ways of fueling the economy for years, and now the introduction of biodiesel products need transitioned into the only fuel method.

Gas motors can be converted into using electric power or an ethanol type of fuel that is made from corn. Ethanol has been outvoted because of the corn used for production. Corn is in high demand because some cultures use corn as a huge part of their diet. Now there are vehicles that operate on water. Water is also diminishing.

Recycling any type of scrap metal is a good practice to implement in an everyday home life style. Another thing is corporations need to cut wastes. Landfills and dumps are the main source of methanol production. Methanol gas is not only highly explosive, but a very deadly toxin that should not be breathed by a mammal.

The body is another method of renewable energy. The more physical labor that is used by the body and hands, instead of the use of power equipment can save a lot of fossil fuels. The body regenerates energy whenever a person sleeps, and hard work never hurts anyone especially children and teenagers.

The saga will continue until the world's population as a whole decides to work together instead of fighting about whom should have the most money. Since most renewable energy sources are fairly inexpensive money is not the problem, it is mere corporate politics.

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