Sunday, August 2, 2009

Renovating Our Ancestral Villa

By Scott Rodgers

Our daughter was getting married and that was an occasion for us to be happy. After searching for many months, we had at last found the perfect match for her. His profession was as a scientist working in Research and Development lab in Chicago. After marriage, it was a matter of convenience for both of them to settle in the same city.

It was an advertising firm in Chicago where our daughter was working. She had joined a reputed ad agency as a copywriter after doing her Masters degree in Business Administration in Advertising. Preparing copy for various advertisements that appeared in magazines, newspapers and journals was her primary role.

Our ancestral house in Chicago was finalized as the venue where the marriage ceremony and the following celebrations were going to be hosted by us. Since it was an old house some renovations were necessary. Our grandfather had gifted this spacious villa that he built in his heydays as an inheritance to me.

In the suburbs of the city amidst the beautiful trees and meadows, the villa was located, tucked away from the usual hustle bustle of the busy city commotion. The villa was a perfect location for such occasions surrounded by the serene atmosphere. We had to quickly call the Home Improvement experts to do the necessary work since the house required some repair.

The wiring was the first thing that had to be looked into. Since house was quite old, the wires and cables installed were on the verge of degradation and had to be changed at the earliest. Hence, we called the local electricians do the necessary repair work.

After a detailed inspection by the electricians, it was decided to pull out all the existing wiring and replace them with modern and durable wiring systems. This would increase the life of electrical systems and ensure no electric damage occurs. They also changed the switches and the entire lighting systems according to the latest style and trends.

All existing pipe, tubes and drainage systems of the house were changed and replaced with new, durable and corrosion-free systems by the electricians. It was important that we install good-quality and strong systems since the old plumbing systems had rusted and had leaking problems.

We eagerly waited for the most important day in our daughters life after our house was finally ready for the grand occasion in a span of two months.

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