Sunday, August 9, 2009

Check Your Replacement Filter Cartridge In Your Water Filter Whole House

By Zachus J Winestone

Its strange but true. Most people leave no stones unturned when it comes to researching and purchasing the best kind of water filtration systems in their budget. However, they tend to skimp on the most important part after few days which is detrimental for their and their family's health i.e. filter replacement cartridge. They forget that a filter replacement cartridge is the most important part of the filter.

We all know its imperative to change the filter replacement cartridge in regular intervals depending on the specifications provided by the manufacturer. These days water pollution has reached unprecedented levels. The amount of chlorine and pesticides in unfiltered water renders it useless for drinking and cooking purposes. Moreover, these chemical deposits also cause the filter cartridges in your water filtration system to become redundant after some time. Hence, filter replacement cartridges need to be replaced regularly to get the best out of your filtration system.

Most people think of water filtration as a luxury and hence tend to ignore it. However, with the kind of contaminants present in water these days, water filtration is the need of the hour. Every one needs to filter their water if they want to avoid all the serious water borne diseases which are prevalent across the world these days. Hence, now days filter replacement cartridges are quite important.

Despite it's tedious association, changing water filters really isn't that difficult. For multi cartridge filters, you can get away with longer periods between changes. A typical water filter will require changing only two or three times a year, depending on the amount of filtering it is performing.

Though its an extra add on service, many companies actually send you the water filter replacement cartridges when its time to change them. Generally you can get these cartridges from your dealer or the manufacturer or any store which specializes in water filters on the net.

Whether they are under the counter water filters, faucet filters or counter top water filters, all filters use removable water filter replacement cartridges. This is the best way to filter out the pathogens, debris and other impurities from the water. Apart from the drinking water filtration systems, aquarium water filters are also based on a cartridge system.

How a water filter replacement cartridge purifies or filters water depends on the type of filter, they all work differently and use a variety of biodegradable products. One is granulated activated charcoal (GAC), a special type of charcoal that filters out unhealthy bacteria and other pathogens. It is best to avoid a water filter replacement cartridge that uses plain charcoal since this will not keep the bacteria away. A commonly used mineral is Chlorgon which is a salt filtration system. It combines GAC with a combination of copper or zinc, mineral salts, coal and coconut shells.

Finally having the right kind of water filter replacement filter cartridge will make all the difference in the efficiency of your filter. Hence choose them with care!

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