Sunday, August 9, 2009

Samsung LN40B650 40Inch 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV with Red Touch of Color Review

By Mike Manster

Todays Drive-By Shooting Review victim is none other than the Samsung LN40B650 40-Inch 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV with Red Touch of Color; and I must say " that no matter how hard we tried this TV would just not lay down and die for us.

It is definitely among the strong contenders in the range of LCD monitors.

Smart and Sexy; and it has plenty of open real estate for ballgames.

Without wasting much time, lets get on to the review.

The set price is definitely right for this HDTV, which cannot be termed as cheap or expensive.

Its just right, and has a host of features you would to expect to pay much more for.

For instance, 4 HDMI Ports and USB and Yahoo Widget and do I need to continue? Theres plenty of stuff to talk about with this TV; however, too much to talk about here.

LN40B650 is equipped with all the top class features, if anything is not featured then it are definitely not an important one.

I mean, its a 40 LCD monitor that has connections for days, can play video, display pictures directly from almost anything and the list goes on.

If your into the internet, youll really like the Yahoo Widgets.

40 LCD combined with 120Hz is equivalent to tremendous speed; this beautiful device any issue with action blur or ghosting.

Enjoy immense clarity whether you are watching movie or playing games; the 1080p resolution is just awesome.

Samsung has integrated QAM tuner and applied dejudder processing, which makes it better than any other competitor.

The Red Touch of Color feature is among the major highlights of LN40B650.

This is feature does not perform any outstanding task for the TV though, but it is definitely successful in providing a top notch viewing experience with the alluring red ambient light.

As with most Samsung TVs the remote Is as good they get, and has every function needed by human kind.

The remote is made up of good material and it can bear quite rough usage. All the common components are effortlessly and quickly connected with this remote.

The Good " Everything, The Bad " Not Much, The Ugly " That all TVs arent as nice as this one.

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