Saturday, September 19, 2009

Arthritis Relief Is Pleasurable From Massage Chair Therapy

By Ethan Chapin

Arthritis affects millions of people each year worldwide. It can cause debilitating effects for the person who is afflicted, causing varying degrees of symptoms and disability. A particularly difficult arthritis is when it affects the lower lumbar. This can lead to stiffness in the lower back and sometimes severe pain. Treatments can range from physical therapy, massage chair therapy to surgery on the extreme end.

Arthritis in the lumbar spine, or the lower back, is a common problem and one which can cause a variety of symptoms. Lumbar spine arthritis is more common in older people; however, it does affect people in other age groups. Some people are more prone to developing arthritis in the lower back than others. Those that are obese, those who are involved in heavy labor, or those who have suffered a previous injury to their spine are more prone to this condition.

What is arthritis of the lumbar spine? The cervical disc that make up the spinal column are connected with joints. Arthritis makes the movement of the joint stiff and with increased stiffness comes pain. The muscle and soft tissues become tends and are hard to bend. Some cases of lumbar spine arthritis have been reported for spinal conditions such as spinal stenosis and disc degeneration.

Sometimes as lumbar arthritis progresses it can result in bone spurs. As the joints are moved this can inflamed many of the soft tissues around these areas. As the joints stiffen and they can cause nerves attached to them to become pinched. This pinching phenomenon is called spinal stenosis. This condition can occur with arthritis in the lower lumbar spine.

In many cases the arthritis can worsen and as the soft tissues degenerate bone spurs can form. When bone spurs form they inflame the surrounding soft tissue. This inflammation causes the nerves to become pinched resulting in spinal stenosis.

Most treatments are geared towards natural therapies. Surgery is usually reserved if no other alternatives exist. Unfortunately, with surgery comes scar tissue which causes further stiffness in the region. Natural methods are geared towards restoring the original flexibility of the soft tissues. One natural method used throughout time is massage therapy. Massage therapy is used to stretch out the muscles to assist with flexibility.

Doctors normally start with more natural methods such as physical therapy, chiropractic are and massage therapy. The doctor wants to give the body a chance to heal itself naturally and to build up the muscles. Physical therapy, chiropractic care and massage therapy are first recommended.

These three therapies are used to help to restore flexibility of the soft tissues. The first step is to get the joints moving and more elastic. They have become more rigid, thus losing their flexibility. Stimulating these areas can be effectively done with massage chair therapy.

Massage chairs deliver consistent and reliable massage therapy on demand. To reduce stiffness through time, massage must be applied on a periodic basis. This helps to improve the range of motion of joints as the soft tissues and tendons. Restoring flexibility is the key to reduce aches and pains as well.

Check with your medical doctor to see what treatments are right for you. Massage chairs can be very useful to bring relief when you need it. Massage chairs deliver a variety of treatments including stretching, the application of heat, and even music therapy. Massage chairs provide a relaxing environment where you can obtain targeted relief for your symptoms. It is amazing to see the variety of options you have at your disposal with a massage chair.

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