Thursday, September 17, 2009

What to Look For in Shower Filters

By Derek Reeve

There are many different shower filters that are out there. You have to be careful when buying one because some are very effective and some are not. In this article we will explain to you which ones are best for you and your family.

They entered the market as a cosmetic device. They were promoted by beauty experts and some of the first models actually carry a hairdressers name. Those shower filters were designed to remove chlorine, because it damages your hair and the appearance of your skin.

People who are allergic to chlorine needed shower water filters to protect themselves from rashes and/or breaking out. The substance is present in practically every publicly treated supply in the world, yet it is not the most deadly of the contaminants in our public supplies.

With that said there are many different things that chlorine can and will do to your health. You see chlorine may not be all that detrimental to your health but when it reacts to the bacteria, and other micro organisms that are in the water supply, the byproduct it creates can be very harmful. The objective here is that you reduce the chlorine in your water supply so that they can't harm you.

Researchers have been conducting studies on chlorine in water dating all the way back to early last year. But the public was kept in the dark about the whole situation, because the many respected publications were afraid that it would be the end of chlorination.

They probably didnt want anyone to say that public facilities need to come up with another approach for disinfection. That would cost a lot of money, since there is no technology available that does not create disinfection byproducts. Personally, I think that everyone needs shower water filters in their bathroom and purifiers on their kitchen faucet.

When you are reading a product performance guide, disinfection byproducts are typically listed as THMs or trihalomethanes. When you are reading the water quality report provide by your local facility, they are listed as TTHMs or total trihalomethanes. You see, there are a number of different compounds that are released during the disinfection process, so they group them together.

Most shower filters on the market reduce chlorine by about 50%, but they do nothing to reduce THMs. This is a necessary step for shower water filters because the compounds become airborne in the bathroom and build up in the air system of your home. You are probably inhaling carcinogens, while you are reading this, if you have not already installed effective shower filters.

Did you know that you can also consume these contaminants by taking a shower? This is because if not filtered there are many contaminants out there that can be consumed through the pores in your skin, because they are so microscopic. Just when everyone thought that there was a much higher chance to consume contaminants by drinking water, now studies say that the bathroom holds more than the kitchen.

Be advised, those expensive shower water filters made by Wellness provide effective contaminant removal, but they cost a lot more than necessary. Instead of paying $189 for a system, you can get an effective one direct from the manufacturer for around $67.

So get out there and take the first step forward to having cleaner healthier water in your home

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