Monday, September 28, 2009

Decorate Your Bedroom for the Four Seasons

By Jonathan G. Billingsworth

Making good design decisions is vital in the bedroom. A simple way to achieve a feeling of fluidity is by adding seasonal colors to your bedding sets. Weather impacts our mood and balance. For this reason, designing your room around the changing seasons will add balance and peace to your life.

Seasonal bedding styles are available at many linen stores. Most bedding departments segment fabrics, patterns and colors for specific seasons - so shopping for seasonal themes is easy. Purchase your winter bedding when it's summer and vice versa to find good deals.

If you can't afford to add new sheets to your bedding four times a year, consider transitioning your wall mounts, artwork and picture frames every season instead. Your wall decorations can be easily replaced with minimal demand for storage space. Switching your wall decor with the seasons will make a simple yet noticeable transition.

Autumn is a season of change. Most associate the changing color of tree leaves with this time of year. Popular colors during these months include darker reds, burnt oranges, and the pale yellows of the falling leaves. Leaf designs are another popular motif for bedding that relates to the autumn season.

Bedding in the winter serves one purpose - to insulate. Linens that retain a softness and warmth are important as many bulky bedding sets provide lots of warmth, but little comfort. Fleeced throw pillows, an extra flannel sheet and down comforters are all bedding additions that will achieve warmth and comfort. For color, look to blue, plum or burgundy. Neutral shades are also frequently employed in winter linen.

Green and yellow are ideal for spring. Bright colors work well with the vivacious atmosphere this season. It is more important to choose your color pairings carefully than it is to have 'proper' spring colors. Colors that evoke a fresh feeling are ideal for these months. Dark colors should be used sparingly for spring linens, particularly if designing around heavier fabrics.

Spring is such a flexible season for colors, a simple tip for designers on a budget is merging winter linens with a few key springtime additions. Consider a winter bedding set colored in a lush plum. The addition of yellow pillow shams will complement your darker sheets while producing a nice seasonal transition into the warmer spring weather.

Summer linens should keep you cool. Use materials like cotton or satin. These will keep you from overheating. Muted whites are a popular summer hue for bedding.

To give your white summer sheets pizazz, shop for linens with ornate textures. Summer evokes a romantic quality that you can achieve in your bedding with pastel pinks or red highlights. Shades of these colors used carefully will add charm and appeal to your sheet covers. For summer, stay simple. Lighter colors are almost always employed during this season because bolder colors in the summer months make bedrooms feel confined and muggy.

When it comes to bed sheet color and design, the possibilities are endless. The seasons provide an easy and fluid transitional motif to follow. Create your linen styles with the seasons in mind, and your room will look fresh all year round.

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