Monday, September 14, 2009

Wooden Hangers Can Add Elegance To Your Home

By Zach Jacobs

Do you remember the last time that you were sitting in a quiet home with all of the kids gone for the night? Do you remember going to that really nice restaurant where they remove your coat and hang it on those nice, elegant wooden hangers? You probably then came home and had a nice quiet evening at home with your spouse.

Does this bring back the memories of the times when you use to have nice things? Would you like nice things in your home again? Wooden coat hangers hanging in your closet can be that nice touch to your home to remind you of the nice evening and to plan them again. By adding nice things to your home again, you may be able to produce that feeling inside your kids that they need to calm down and be a little more quiet and careful in your home and make sure that they do not break anything.

I understand that you may not believe that your children can treat anything with respect, but if you set the stage they can deliver more than you think. Besides adding to the beauty and the elegance of the home, wooden hangers are also strong and durable and able to endure abuse. This is helpful for your sanity and justification in purchasing wooden hangers for your home.

Your clothes are safe to hang on wood hangers. This is another benefit that wooden hangers can bring into the home. They also create a little more space between clothes that are hanging in the closet because of their design. This will help take better care of our clothes because they will remain wrinkle free and aired out which is better for all fabrics. Another benefit is that wooden coat hangers are strong enough to hold even a heavy trench coat without any stress to the hanger.

Wooden hangers are not exclusive to home use, as you know from that restaurant experience. Many public places use them for coat hangers. Retail stores, such as a suit store, also use them to display the things that they sell. They are used by retailers because they add elegance to anything hanging on them and that will help sell the clothes or coat that is hanging on it.

Buying wooden hangers to match other wood items in your home, such as the trim, cupboards and furniture, is a nice touch. This will help to increase the sense of organization in the home as well as the elegant appeal.

Wood hangers come in different types of wood and with different types of hardware. Walnut, cedar and natural wood are the most common types of wood with chrome, brass and stainless steel being the most common type of hardware used with wooden hangers. No matter the type of wood or hardware, they all have a lacquered finish to help prevent snags when hanging or removing your clothes from the hanger.

The quickest and easiest way to make the biggest change in the appearance of your closet is through wooden hangers. They add organization, take better care of the clothes that hang on them and they add that unmistakable sense of elegance in any closet that you use them in.

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