Saturday, September 26, 2009

Buying Blinds in Essex

By Peter Turner

When choosing blinds in Essex you want to consider a few basic things. You're going to need the blinds for only 1, or a few of the following 4 reasons -

1 To be able to stop light coming into a room 2 To stop heat 3 TO be private 4 To make a room look good

Lets start with perhaps the most flexible of blinds, the Vertical Blind. These are perhaps the most common type of blind in Essex. Close the louvres and they make a "wall" of fabric. Open them and you can see through the gaps. Rotate the louvres at an angle and you can stop people seeing in or out from one direction, but still let your desired amount of light in.

Not only versatile but also very economical, the vertical has seen a change in fortune from being seen as blind strictly for the office to ruling the domestic market. There are several good offers around but do be careful as levels of quality also vary.

Next the Venetian style blind. People choose this kind of blind in Essex for privacy. This blind goes horizontally across the window. With these styles of blinds you can tilt the slats to stop people looking up or down, but still let light in. One of the best ways to clean them however, is with a feather duster.

Wood venetians are more expensive but very popular at the minute as prices have dropped dramatically due to the new "cut downs". These are available in 3 different slat sizes and are ready made. When you place your order they take the nearest size up and cut the width, and adjust the height for you.

Check that the wood comes from a sustainable source and don't be tempted to buy ready made wooden venetians from one of the blind shops in Essex as these are often inferior quality that will warp.

Next we have the roller blind. Again very popular, especially in kitchens for some reason. There isn't much control of privacy unless you want to pull the blind completely down, which also blocks the light. With verticals and venetians you can angle the slats for privacy whilst still letting in some light.

Again, you can't actually control the light, but for fashion they are extraordinarily good, as there are more colours, patterns and shapes you can use. Put them all together and there are thousands of combinations to make your rollers look as you want them for your Essex home.

The most common place to govern the heat is a conservatory, and pleated blinds come into there own in this instance. These blinds are essentially rollers but with a fold each 25mm or so. Special backings are available to reflect more of the hear back from your conservatory, and protect you from the Essex sun.

To stop the blinds sagging wires run through the middle of them. You may have filo wires to help keep the blinds shape too, or each blind may come in its own frame that fits into your roof panel.

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