Friday, September 18, 2009

Why Both a Tub and a Shower Might Fit In Your Bathroom

By Lesli Jambers

Space is a valuable resource that commands a high premium nowadays. With the price of most good increasing, it is also not about to get left behind. This explains why urban planners are getting a tidy profit. They are aware of how significant their role is in suburban communities as well as densely populated cities.

You don't need to be a graduate of an urban planning course in order to learn how to maximize your given space. If you are currently living in a tiny apartment unit, it's perfectly fine. Be happy with what you have at the moment. You can always resort to the highly effective power of optical illusions involving the use of floor to ceiling mirrors, multi-functional furniture and multi-purpose exercise equipments to make your room look bigger.

What is essential is that you tap your creativity in a subtle manner so that you can make a wider living space. Do not succumb to the temptation of wallowing in misery because you are living in a small place. Be smarter than that.

If you have a small bathroom but you still want to install a shower and tub, think positive right from the very start. Convince yourself that it's possible and it can be done without much hassle. Ask help and support from friends and family members who may have the same problem so that they can give you valuable inputs. If nothing they say seems to work, call your friendly plumber. Of course, he will charge you a small fee but at least you will have the ideal bathroom you are dreaming of.

The next few paragraphs will elucidate why both a tub and a shower might fit into your bathroom. Read on and apply what you have learned in your own residence.

First, you may install the shower head right above your bath tub. This means that you will have to take a shower inside the tub. This might seem dangerous at first glance because admittedly, the tub is slippery especially if it's wet. However, you can easily solve this minor problem by applying bath tub appliqu?s made of 100% vinyl in order to have something that your feet can grasp on.

Second, you can purchase a much smaller toilet bowl or bidet so that the bathroom can effortlessly accommodate the shower head and bath tub. This is not much of a worry if you are a petite individual. Unfortunately, if you are a very tall or muscular person, you might have second thoughts. The bottom line is, are you willing to sacrifice certain things in order to have a shower and a bath? Think long and hard so that you can reach the correct decision. If possible, carry out a cost-benefit ratio to figure out what you truly need from what you just want.

Third, you may do away with unnecessary decorative pieces like plants in big pots. They will consume a big space and it will not help your cause. If you really want something natural in your bathroom, you can have a small shrub and place in on top of the flush system of the toilet bowl. You may also use flowers in a vase to promote a pleasant atmosphere. Framed photographs or pictures hanged on the wall will also do the job.

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