Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Painting and the Roofing Skill

By Scott Rodgers

My visit and my tour to Europe were extremely memorable. I have visited almost five major countries of Europe; I was undoubtedly amazed with many places. The city of Gondolas and Rome which are part Italy, Austria and France has won my heart .If I got an opportunity, I would definitely go there again.

I was the happiest soul at that time as I got a chance to attend evening prayers in the famous Basilica in the main city area of Paris. My heart was bouncing because of splendid structures of Rome. The Disney Land experience was unduly memorable as I could see so many kids making merry.

The beautiful and romantic city of Venice and Gondolas were happening. They have made my heart bounce. It was a bountiful experience. I collected lot of pictures. The city palaces have undoubtedly amazing structures. You might see lot of love birds clicking pictures of these history rich layouts.

The splendid Eiffel Tower stands tall and gives message to be always fighting and energetic. The grand Du Louvre and Fashion Street was a touching experience and they were in the close vicinity. I made lot of lot friends and the experience is definitely a life time one.

As I have lot of knowledge on roofing, I could enhance it further as I was able to gather hidden architectural stuff. It gave me immense satisfaction as my knowledge pool was increased drastically. I must say, after seeing the architectural layouts, the citys roofers have done remarkably well.

I took lot of pictures of all the layouts. The Great painting of Mona Lisa was enhanced even further; because of the way the platform and panels were surrounding the painting. I have gathered lot of information on roofing from all these places. Also the friends who along with me enriched their experience as roofers was commendable

Though, I might not design a big palace with my roofing knowledge; however it will definitely help me as a design consultant. Apart from this, my world known articles on roofing will become known even further.

I might get an opportunity to visit many more place because of my good roofing work. However I am quite sure that I will visit Europe once more and would like to study the splendid structures even further.

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