Thursday, September 17, 2009

Easy Ways to Maintain and Enhance Your Outdoor Water Features

By Paula Alford

Large or tiny you can make your yard a spot of beauty and tranquility with a small pond. By employing a little vision and some cash saving techniques you can possess a one of a kind focal point that won't break your bank.

Keeping It Clean

Use an aquarium vacuum that you can pick up at any pet store or pet area of a department store. This plain tool is essentially a long hose with a broad based suction head to cover as much area as feasible while being comfortable to manage. This should be done once a week through the summer months. You will need to put back the water you remove during cleaning.

Add a waterfall or other water airing to hold algae down. A waterfall or aerator adds oxygen to the water which is beneficial if you want to maintain fish in your pond as well as to cut algae levels. They also help keep the water circulating and temperature lower to evade an algae bloom that will make your water green.

Light It Up

Set lights in strategic locations about the edge of your pool in the plants, rocks, or even below the surface of the water. Set the timer to turn on a few minutes before sunset, and set it to go off a few minutes after your typical bedtime. Using timers will diminish the cost of lighting your pond so that the lights are only on throughout the times you are most likely to see them.

Save Money on Water Use

Make use of self contained pond and filter elements so that you only have to restore water once a week when cleaning your pond. Buy the best filter you can pay for and make sure it is the right size for your pond so that you have to change filthy water less frequently

Plant Care

Plants can add visual attractiveness to your pond as well as help keep the water in good condition. Letting plants grow out of check, however, can have the reverse effect as well as letting them form mold and mildew. Keep your plants pleasantly pruned and check on them often.


If your water gets out of hand on you in spite of your regular efforts you can utilize chemicals to control algae or other contaminants that can initiate gray water. If you have your pond populated with fish be sure any chemicals are safe for use with living animals. Most pond supply stores only stock algaecides and enzyme products that are harmless to use with fish.


A pond is commonly a highlight of any landscape and requires monitoring and maintenance. It can become a hobby of sorts, because when you have one you sense a need to keep improving it. Stay within your means and remember to enjoy it. By following the simple ideas mentioned you can manage your pond and realize its intended real and emotional beauty.

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