Friday, September 18, 2009

Why It Is Important To Consider The Services Of An Interior Designer

By Janice Nickole

Have you finally found your dream home and now wonder how you will incorporate the "WOW" factor into it? Well, like many people I've consulted with, your first step is to hire an Interior Designer.

If you don't then I would suggest the next very important step and that is to hire a professional Interior Designer. Why? Because mistakes will cost you more money in the long run and that can be avoided.

An Interior Designer can take one simple idea and bring your design dreams to fruition. They will open up an entire world of art, color and style to you that you would have never thought or dreamed of.

So hiring the right Interior Designer is your next step. So how do you go about that? You should absolutely feel that your designer represents you to the best of their knowledge. How? They know how to listen to you as you share your desires and goals.

I have found as a practicing Interior Designer for over twenty years, that this seems to be where the problem lies in most cases. Clients have shared with me that some designers don't know how to listen.

I suggest that you interview two or three designers before you hire one. It is a well known fact that you can talk to ten designers and get ten different design concepts. But your goal here is to hire the one you feel most comfortable with.

Of course personality types will shine through and one will be outstanding to you. You'll want to choose the one you feel is on the "same page" as you. Select the designer who is clear on your desires and intentions and one you feel is truly listening to your every word.

Listen to your designer as well. They will share their design background and projects they have completed that will help you in your selection. Although you'll want to know how years they have been practicing, the real importance lies in their confidence and professionalism.

Interior Designers are also a valuable resource because they partner with the best vendors to get the job done right. It's just as important to know who to go to as well as who "not" to go to in the industry.

Janice Nickole is a practicing Interior Designer in Phoenix Arizona. To get more information on how she can help you achieve the look and feel you want, please visit her website.

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