Monday, September 14, 2009

How do I Select a Snow Blower?

By Bill Cobern

If you are in the market for a snow blower, be careful on which type you choose. Professional and homeowners will use the snow blower in different regions and more often. There is definitely a difference between the homeowner and professional snow blowers in cost.

Gas powered snow blowers tend to be the more popular choice. Also, the width of the clearing path is an important feature to look at. The intake height of the snow blower is the max depth of snow that particular blower can handle. Knowing the weather patterns in your area will tell you the clearing height and width you may need.

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Many different options can be added to the snow blower. Important options may add the overall price but we will go over a couple of them. Optional lighting may be added for the night time snow storms. Electric and manual starters are a decision that needs to be made. An outlet with an extension cord will be needed if you use an electric starter. Accessibility for the shifting gears and how you control the snow chute are also items to look out for.

An electric snow blower may be the way to go if you live in the city and only need the sidewalk cleared. An extension cord is needed when you use the small electric snow blowers. The small snow blowers can come with a gasoline engine also.

Attachments to add to your lawn tractor may help you in clearing the snow. You can add a snow plow or a snow blower. Traction will be the next fight. This may be the deterrent in adding the snow blower to the tractor. Traction can be dealt with if you add different tires or add tire chains. Also adding weight to the tractor will help immensely.

A gas powered two stage snow blower comes with a forward and reversible drive and uses auger blades made from steel. The 2 stage blower breaks thru the hard-packed snow, grinds it and shoots it out the adjustable snow chute. The multi-directional snow chute can send the snow in any direction via joystick. The two stage snow blower is excellent for gravel surfaces because it leaves space between the surface and blades so as not to have steel blades hitting stones.

The model that fits your snow removal needs is out there. You just need to find the right Snow Blower. Online research will help you narrow your choices down to the best model for you and your weather conditions. Stop the back breaking removal of snow and get on with your life!

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