Wednesday, September 23, 2009

You Need An Ionic Air Purifier

By Inez Perez

The ionic air purifier can clean toxins and pollutants out of your indoor air that you didn't even know was there. Indoor air is actually far more dangerous to your health than outdoor air without the use of an ionic air purifier. But where do all these pollutants come from?

Ionic Air Purifiers Can Clean Up What We Leave Behind

Most of what you see floating about in a ray of sunshine is actually dead skin flakes from humans. Gross, isn't it? This makes people one of the largest pollutants of your indoor air and, since you're people, they're not really something you can completely avoid. Remember, what you see is actually only ten percent of what's there. Dust mites feed on dead human skin almost exclusively. Natural air takes care of this problem for us out doors, as ozone destroys most of the bacteria that reside on these flakes, and negative ions remove the dead skin from the air that we breathe, also removing dust mites and other bacteria.

Ionic Air Purifiers Can Remove Dust

Dust is another culprit. Nearly 40 pounds of dust is created per 1500 square feet every year. About forty thousand dust mites and other virii and bacteria rides upon each speck of dust. Again, outdoors, negative ions remove the dust particles and ozone destroys most of the bacteria that are riding around on them. This effect is what the ionic air purifier simulates.

Ionic Air Purifiers Remove Pollen

Without pollen, we wouldn't have many plants. Many insects that are vital to our ecosphere live off pollen. To allergy sufferers, however, it is the devil. Referred to as an allergen, it can get into your nose and sinuses either outside or inside, and naturally latches on to whatever it happens to land on. This is why a lot of people just stay sick all season when they're allergic to something that blooms that season. Because the pollen has come inside, and they don't have an ionic air purifier to take care of the issue.

Ionic Air Purifiers Remove Lots Of Things

Believe it or not, that wonderful new smell that comes with your new home is actually the out-gassing of the chemicals used to treat the paint on the walls and the other materials from which the home is built. While wood floors are better for you than carpet, carpet is much cheaper, which means it's often opted for. The ozone from an ionic air purifier will deal handily with these chemical fumes. Furnishings, such as sofas, chairs with cushions, or even mattresses are treated with chemicals such as fire retardants, which add to the pollutants in the air. Again, these can be oxidized and neutralized by the ozone from an ionic air purifier. One more thought. Did you know that over half of the weight of an average pillow is actually the dust mites contained therein? And you thought bed bugs were a silly wives tale, didn't you? Dust mites don't stand a chance against an ionic air purifier.

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