Friday, September 18, 2009

Sprinkler Blowouts Can Save You A Ton - Plus Other Lawn Care Tips

By Jodi Nations

Don't you just love to head out the front door of your house and look upon a beautiful, well tended, weed-free lawn. I know that when I have let my lawn go it really bothers me. Of course, to have that well tended and healthy lawn, it takes work. When I am on top of things and can get the aerating, fertilizing, and regular watering done (easy to do with sprinklers!), the lawn looks so much better. That is why I rely on others to take care of the not-so-regular part of my lawn care. My weekends are important to me and I do not want to spend $40 renting an aerator when I could pay someone the same amount of money and have them do it for me.

Aerating is usually done in the fall months and is the process of punching holes in the lawn in order to break up thatch and allow the soil to breathe. Fertilizing and seeding are more effective after the lawn has been aerated well. Both aeration and fertilization are important components of winterizing a lawn. Seeding the lawn during the fall offers the lawn the opportunity to take advantage of the dormant period to germinate new seed for spring. Raking is another important activity to promote a healthy lawn. Raking allows air and sun to penetrate the grass and maximizes the benefits of aeration.

In addition to aerating your lawn and getting a good fertilizer (weed control, regular, or organic fertilizer) when fall arrives you need to start closing up your sprinkler system. The first freeze of winter can cause severe damage if a professional sprinkler blowout is not conducted. The residential air compressors are just not powerful enough to really get the lines cleaned out. That is why this is one of the most difficult lawn care task for homeowners to do on their own. Also, the cost of mistakes can be very high.

The autumn months are busy with back to school and family activities. Why bother filling them up with lawn care activities too. A few tasks could be done on your own, but remember to seriously consider Nations Harvest for your lawn care needs and professional sprinkler blowouts.

Just a couple of other things - include a good winterizing fertilizer after the aeration of your lawn. Your grass will appreciate the food and winter won't be so hard on the lawn. Also, try and bundle up the services to save - don't forget to add a sprinkler blowout too.

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