Friday, September 11, 2009

How to Find The Best Home Water Treatment Systems

By Derek Reeve

Purchasing a home water treatment system in your home can be confusing because there are so many different ones out there. The first thing you need to ask yourself is what kind of water treatment system do you need? Once you have answered that you will then need to know how much you are willing to spend.

Like many of you, I have to balance the familys budget. So, I have to look at how much a system costs and consider if it is worth the extra price. I also look at how much it costs to use home water treatment systems on a daily, monthly or annual level. There is a considerable difference in the costs that are associated with the various systems on the market.

You see with so many different contaminants that are out there you can figure out that not every water supply has the same ones in them. However, if you are like me I pay for water, but my brother does not, yet we require the same water treatment system because the same contaminants are in there and they both have high levels of THMs or trihalomethanes which are cancer causing contaminants.

Unless you have an expert come out and test your water you must make sure that your filtering system can stop these and reduce the chlorine in your water supply. It is better to be on the safe side and have them all eliminated than let some slip through the cracks.

The chemicals can be consumed when drinking unfiltered water. They can be absorbed through the skin, when bathing, showering or swimming in chlorinate pools. They become airborne along with the steam when water is heated for showering or cooking and we inhale them along with the steam. They even build up in the air of our homes.

Researchers have shown that there are measurable levels of chloroform gas (one of the THMs) in all of the homes that were tested. They said that the cause was showering in chlorinated waters. So, we need water treatment products for the kitchen and the shower. But, do we really need home water treatment systems for the whole house?

That is actually a good question to ask. The reason why its a good question is because the answer in most homes is an economical solution since only one unit instead of multiple units is required. However, the most effective home water treatments are better for just the kitchen and bathroom as opposed to the whole house units.

The most effective home water treatment systems for the kitchen cost less than $200 and the cost of use is less than a dime per gallon or about $172 per year, depending on your usage. The New York Times estimates in order for you to get eight glasses of water per day which is the recommended amount it would cost you about $1400 a year for a generic bottled water!

When purchasing a water treatment system you do not want to cut corners and buy a generic one, as these will allow a lot of contaminants to still get in your water. There isn't enough room in this article for me to explain everything about water treatment systems as I would be able to write a book about, however, I hope that you were able to learn a little bit about them in this article.

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