Monday, September 21, 2009

The Black and Decker Collection Includes a Cordless Drill

By Norbert Wolfenk

Purchasing tools for your husband can be a challenge. However the folks at B & D have made it effortless. Holiday time was imminent and I was hunting for the perfect present. An acquaintance recommended the B & D Firestorm and I leaped at the possibility.

The Black and Decker kit is a wish fulfilled. I strutted out of the store with a large plastic case chock full of cordless tools and accessories. I had paid less than I expected to pay. The sturdy case was a challenge to get into my car since of its impressive weight but I knew that it would be worth the extra effort.

It was difficult to hide the cordless drill until Christmas but I did. He never let on that he knew that the combo tool kit was in the residence. I had it tucked neatly away.

This exciting collection of cordless tools includes a flashlight that is useful in helping my husband see into the dark crevices behind the walls. We learned the hard way that doing DIY, you might discover wiring just behind the wall while you are trying to complete your construction project. However, the flashlight is the least interesting of the Black and Decker Firestorm collection.

The Black and Decker collection includes a cordless drill that my husband can't seem to live without. He is also totally captivated with the reciprocating saw as well as the trim saw. He's always looking for items in the house to saw. Attached to the kit is and alkaline-powered screwdriver. The charger was a bit disappointing for him because it can take hours to recharge the unit so he will have to plan.

The Black and Decker firestorm kit will arrive with a twenty four volt drill. (The unit will have hammer action for drilling and driving into all materials such as masonry, and concrete). It also contains a twenty four volt circular saw with sight line window. There is also a twenty four volt reciprocating saw. There are two more items, a stud finder that detects studs through walls up to three quarter inch thick, and a flashlight.

Changing of accessory heads for everything from drill to sander is simple. There is a forward/reverse switch that should remain in the center or in the safety locked position. This must be unlocked to remove an accessory. The clutch is simple to utilize, and even though it's not custom, there is a keyless chuck that can be spun in and out with precision, and then clamps well.

All and all, I have to say that I did a great job with my husband's gift. The Black and Decker Firestorm combo kit will be a hard act to follow this year.

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