Saturday, September 12, 2009

Benefits of Posters in Marketing

By Gilbert Tang

Poster printing is a highly powerful and cost effective means of promotion. Production houses in showbiz make use of this promotion tool on a massive scale; however, it also has an immense potential for corporate advertising, which small and medium sized businesses can make use of.

It is often seen that companies are compelled to spend extravagantly on promotion campaigns and therefore have to significantly reduce expenditure on other areas of investment. If brand promotion on a lavish scale is not your cup of tea, then you can go in for the simpler and cheaper advertising alternative of poster printing. Poster campaigns are mostly more pointed, customer focused and do the job at a small expense.

Spontaneous recall of the brand is quite high if a poster is repeatedly viewed by the public. But poster printing should be of good quality and the poster should be placed at a carefully decided location so that it strikes the eyes of more people and more frequently.

Another key advantage of poster campaigns is that their scale can be customized according to a company's needs. Posters can be designed keeping the target audience in mind, for example, for an ad campaign related to school students, posters can be designed with pupils in mind and can be put up at locations near schools or places marked by presence of students.

The design, the message, the printer and the area of the poster's display are some of the key factors to be discussed before preparing to print poster for a campaign. All these aspects contribute towards the fruition of a campaign and eventually translate into the company's success in the market. Therefore phased planning and correct implementation is essential for a successful poster ad campaign through which handsome returns can be expected on a reasonable investment.

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