Sunday, September 13, 2009

Replacing Traditional Open Pit with Compost Bin

By Benedict Perez

Compost Bin is an excellent substitute for the traditional compost pit. It can transform biodegradable matters and waste materials into organic plant food. This type of receptacle is generally a large vessel especially designed as a storage receptacle for biodegradable matters. Biodegradable matters refer to materials which have the characteristics for decomposition like food, leaves, papers, barks and other organic matters.

Compost Bin can produce compost which is another type of organic fertilizer which is very much needed by the plants and soil. The by-product produced out of this bin is an excellent plant food. The primary dietary needs of living beings are supplied by the products of the soil. The produce of the soil are basically the plants which come in peculiar shapes and different sizes according to their species.

The quality of these edible products depends on the type of soil where they are grown. Plants that grow may or may not bear fruits yet they still offer edible produce. The yields or crops that they grow can be under the soil such as the root crops, or may be grown above the ground with leaves and flowers which are edible.

These plants also need to eat the minerals and nutrients of the soil, and in so doing it makes the soil unhealthy in the process. This is the reason why it is indeed important to feed the soil with fertilizers to supplement and aid it to be always healthy for the growing plants for sustenance and survival. Compost Bin can manufacture the desired substances and other organic elements which are very much needed by plants to sustain growth.

Compost Bin produces the best organic plant food for soil and plants alike. It must be considered that the toxic substances being absorbed by the plants which we eat are hazardous to health of humans and other animals. In short, we are also eating the toxic elements that are derived from the plants being transmitted to them from the soil. As this is part of the ecological system, humans must take care of the environment especially the food source, which are the plants, for living creatures with mouths or beaks. The compost is the essential organic plant food which is very vital to both soil and plants and these do not contain the toxic substance that soil and plants absorb.

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