Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Basic Advice On Sauna Maintenance

By Amy Nutt

Owning a sauna requires basic maintenance to keep it running properly and healthy to use. The maintenance is very simple and does not take too much time to complete.

The following is a list of tips on maintaining your sauna:

1. The heat and humidity released in a sauna can eventually cause excess moisture accumulation. As well, sweat mixed in with the moisture can build up in the sauna. It is important to wipe down the inside of the sauna regularly with a non toxic cleaner. As well sweep or vacuum the sauna to get rid of dust and dirt. As well, many people use plain soapy water to wash the wood with a soft cloth. If sweat stains are quite common, just take a hand brush with warm containing a mild detergent and gently brush the area so staining does not take place.

2. The wood in a sauna is exposed to a lot of heat and moisture. All of the wood including the floors, benches, and floor should be wiped down monthly with a non toxic cleaner. Make sure you sit on a towel when you are in a sauna. Cleaners with ammonia should not be used because they release toxins in the air and can discolor the wood. After cleaning, rinse thoroughly with water. Since the steam will kill any germs that may come into the sauna, you do not need to use an anti-bacterial.

3. After you have completed washing and rinsing the sauna, keep the doors open to air the sauna and let everything dry properly. The heat lingering from the rocks or other heating method will help to dry the sauna.

4. If you notice that the wood has deep stains, gently sand it to remove the stains. If you want you can re-stain the wood, use a non toxic and eco-friendly wood stain.

5. If the wooden door starts to distend or warp, readjust the hinges or sand the frame to get it to fit back in place.

6. If you use the sauna often, you can wet mop the floor with a non-toxic cleaner. You can also use a non-toxic liquid deodorizing cleaner.

7. The electric heater in a sauna is very easy to maintain. You just have to take a soft cloth with a non toxic detergent and wipe it. Electrical repairs should be performed by a qualified electrician. It is very dangerous to do your own electrical repairs unless you know what you are doing. A wood burning heater requires having ashes removed regularly. As well, any creosote build up should be removed by a chimney cleaner. For a sauna stone heater, the stones should be replaced occasionally, especially if you detect an unpleasant odor. Sometimes regular wear and tear may cause some components of the heater to break. Make sure it is not difficult to acquire replacement parts.

Maintaining a sauna is easy. Sticking to a regular maintenance routine will help extend the life your sauna. With these easy maintenance tips you can keep your sauna clean and odor free.

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