Thursday, September 17, 2009

Why House Water Filters Are Necessary

By Derek Reeve

Have you come to the conclusion or figured out that house water filters are necessary for living a comfortable life? There have been an awful lot of reports published on this matter, and one would think that it would have become rather obvious by this point, especially when you consider how contaminated the water these days happens to be, but it seems that not everyone has figured out that it is imperative to own a water filter.

People think that the EPA and waste water facilities are going to save them from the contaminated water, but one has to consider how hard it is to clean the water. Yes, these government services are doing all that they can to keep the water clean, but is it enough for them to promise that we won't be hurt at all? Absolutely not, it's just too much work to keep the water that clean.

Home water filter systems are necessary because the waste water treatment facilities have not been able to upgrade their equipment from the demineralization units that were adequate for them to use many years ago. Most municipalities simply do not have the money in their budgets to completely overhaul these facilities in the way that they need to in order to keep us healthy.

If you need more evidence that house water filters are important, then take into account that the EPA has recommended everyone get one in order to defend their families against the germs and contaminants that are currently floating around in the water. The EPA realizes that the equipment is inadequate, and as such they have authorized what are known as safe limits for water contamination.

While they have imposed these safe limits, they themselves know that there really is no safe amount of contaminants in the water. Chemicals are funny things, they feed off each other until they become more potent, and that is the greatest threat in our drinking water these days.

More than two thousand chemicals have been discovered in water that are carcinogens, or cancer causing germs. If you get a home water filter than you will be able to stop most of them, and it will keep everyone in your household safe.

If you buy a home water filter then you should make sure it has a granular carbon filter and a multimedia block. This should be adequate to protect your family, and if you get a very good one it should generate a sub micron filter to do away with heavy metals and bacteria. It will also help keep the pH balance in check.

If you think that you cannot benefit from having a house filter then you need to rethink your strategy for living. The water these days just isn't safe, it is full of contamination that can harm both you and your family, no matter how safe someone tells you it is.

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