Monday, September 21, 2009

Tips for Adding an Extra Bathroom

By Somerain Aserbec

Comfort zones inside the house vary according to the person being interviewed. Most people claim that the living room provides the total relaxation experience due to the couch's presence. Others pick the bedroom because of the inviting existence of the bed and fluffy pillows. For the technologically savvy, it is also where they pile their electric gadgets like MP3 players, laptops and mobile phones. A select few lean towards the kitchen because their interests lie in cooking sumptuous dishes and baking cookies.

Meanwhile, the pampered ones pick the bathroom without batting an eyelash. It serves as their sanctuary from all the negativity they have encountered in the outside world. In this manner, the bathroom serves as a garbage bin for their worries and anxieties. It is a place whether they can rejuvenate their tired and weary mind, body and soul. The short and long-term benefits of a home spa session can never be underestimated because it offers its patrons a quick peek into the state of nirvana.

The succeeding paragraphs will explain to you the ways to make that extra bathroom perfect. Read on and learn.

The first consideration to think of when you want to add an extra bathroom is a suitable location. It must be easily accessible so that all the members of your household can take advantage of it in an effortless manner. You must also consider the presence of water pipes that connect to the main source. If you don't have any, you have to shell out an extra amount to establish a separate line so that you are assured of a steady stream of water. Obviously, you don't want to be caught in a situation wherein you suddenly lose water while having a bubbly shower. This scenario will definitely ruin any sane person's day.

Next, you must decide on a particular style that will fit your unique personality and judicious taste. You could go for a Zen-like approach and have simple prints. If you prefer outlandish patterns, indulge in your whims and get colorful and intricately printed tiles. Add some hanging decors to maximize the style factor.

Painting the walls is also a tried and tested way to beautify any room. Obviously, dark shades like black and midnight blue are a big no no. But for lighter hues like pastel shades and neutral tones like cream, beige, taupe, flesh or light brown, the bathroom is the perfect place to paint them on.

Third, maximize the use of natural light for a cozier effect. Not only will you amplify the style factor of your bathroom, you will also be saving money on your electric bills. You may also go for ambient lighting whose main purpose is to brighten up the entire space. On the other hand, adding a task light is perfect for those with meticulous grooming needs. For the ladies, it is a perfect accompaniment for putting on your facial make up and spraying that natural tan coming from a bottle. Remember, a task light should be placed above the vanity mirror to be of proper service.

The last point to remember in adding an extra bathroom is to ensure that fixtures like the faucet, shower head, sink, toilet bowl and drainage system are working perfectly.

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