Sunday, September 20, 2009

Prepare For Winter By Organizing Your Coat Closet Now

By Zach Jacobs

Winter is only a couple of months away. That also means that within a couple of months all of us will be wearing hats, scarves, coats, gloves and boots as part of our winter attire. It does not take long before that winter gear becomes a constant mess around the house as well. There is no time like now to get ready for winter and the onslaught of winter clothing by organizing that coat closet. This may make it possible for you to find all of the winter clothes as they are needed through the winter.

It is easy to see a great coat get ruined in one winter because it is not well taken care of through the winter. Using a wooden coat hanger in the front coat closet is a great way to take better care of your coat and perhaps be able to use it next winter as well. One way that a wooden coat hanger can take better care of your coat for you is to naturally separate all of the coats a little more to give them room to breathe and dry.

Wooden coat hangers are also a great way to add some class to that front coat closet that is sure to be open a lot more when winter is around. By using wooden coat hangers, you will not be embarrassed when someone stops by and your front coat closet is gaping open because the children forgot to shut the door after hanging up their coat.

Another great use of a wooden coat hanger is to hang up the scarves as well. Some people leave them on the coat, but there are times that someone might want to go out with the coat, but not the scarf. When this is the case, it becomes really easy to lose the scarves if there is nowhere to hang them up. Also, it will help the closet stay a lot more organized.

When you use the wooden coat hangers to keep the coats hung up as well as the scarves, you will find that there is plenty of room on the floor of the closet to put the boots on. I would also recommend a small tote on the floor of the closet for the gloves to be tossed into. That way, all of the winter gear for everyone is contained in that front closet.

When choosing a wooden hanger there are several factors that you should consider. One of the choices is what kind of wood. There are many to choose from, including pine, cherry and natural. Another choice is what kind of hardware in the hanger that you want to use. Typically, there is brass or stainless steel.

Though you may be able to find the wood hangers that you want at a local store, you may find it more convenient to shop online for them. Besides the convenience of shopping online you will also have a good chance at finding them a little cheaper.

Start today to make this winter and all of the winter clothing a better experience than last year. Do not put up with that nagging mess this winter. You have the power to stop it. Organize that closet now and be prepared for winter.

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