Saturday, September 5, 2009

4 Basic Methods To Start Your Own Ecommerce Business

By Jerry Edmonds

You probably know someone who sells on ebay or has an ecommerce website that they make money from. You may have even thought to yourself, ?How can I get started with a business on the internet?. There are 4 general ways to start on the internet.

#1- Auction sites (ebay, amazon, craigslist) ? Auction sites are one of the easiest ways to get started on the internet. Many people make money selling things from home on auction sites. This does turn into, for some people, a full business selling new products on auction sites. If you want to make it to that point on an auction site, it will take a bit more time and learning on your part.

#2 ? Template based websites (3xpweb) ? For those who would rather have a website over using auction sites, but either do not have the desire to build their own ecommerce store or do not know how, then a template site should be your choice. In this scenario, you make choices on things like the template (look and feel) and products to sell (from a catalog). After making these choices, the company that you are working with will then build the site for you.

#3 ? CMS (Droopal, Bluevoda, Joomla) ? CMS is an acronym for content management system. This method of building a website is probably the most used method used in ecommerce websites today. CMS offers a lot of flexibility to the user, giving them more control over their website without having to know how to implement website code. However, it gives even more flexibility to those who can use some website code. That is what makes it so popular.

#4 ? Build it from scratch ? Warning, this one requires a lot of knowledge that most people do not have. Only the people who understand all kinds of code and love to build something from the ground up will use this one. This is only for the real geeky, hardcore webmasters. If you have to ask more about this one, it is not for you. There you have it, the 4 general ways that you can build and ecommerce business.

Now that you have that basic understanding, you need to decide for yourself which one is going to be best for you. If you have very little or no experience in internet business, then you may want to consider either the auction sites (ebay, amazon, craigslist) or the template style website (3xpweb) as a way to get started.

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