Thursday, September 3, 2009

Are There Many Chemicals in Tap Water?

By Derek Reeve

Drinking tap water can be very harmful to your health, which is why most households have started buying bottled water instead. There are many city governments that are trying to encourage you to drink tap water instead of buying bottled water for various reasons. In this article we will talk about some of the reasons why they are doing this.

There are many different chemicals that are in water that actually can cause you to have health problems, or at least lead to them. So what kind of filtering system you put in your home is very important.

Unlike those city officials, I will not encourage anyone to drink tap water that has not been filtered at home, but I do believe that everyone needs to stop drinking so much bottled water. The affect that the bottling industry is having on our freshwater sources is huge.

I bet right now you are sitting there wondering just how the bottling industry takes advantage of our fresh water supply. Well put it this way if you live in San Francisco, CA everyone knows about the drought they are under. The bottling industry is taking up so much of their supply with little to no rain and is causing them to have very limited water supplies.

If you would like to go further into that, there are many out there that are only getting about 15% of their normal water supply. This is causing crops to have problems, and people in the city suffer from restricted water supplies.

This is where getting a home filtering system for your tap is important. Because most people say that agriculture demands more than it should. But when looking at that, agriculture is necessary, and bottled water is not.

There are a lot of different water bottling companies that are out there today. A lot of these companies that are claiming to give you fresh water in the bottle you buy typically are not. You see companies like coca-cola which makes Dasani, and Pepsi, who makes Aquafina use local publicly treated water before they put into the bottle.

You see when you use the amount of water that they do everyday there are a lot of contaminants that can get by their filtering systems. If you use a home filtering system it will be much more effective in cleaning your water supply. The best method of getting out all the parasites and bacteria is by using a granular carbon filtering method in your home.

If you drink tap water that has not been filtered, you are probably consuming chlorine and chlorination byproducts referred to as THMs. You may be drinking herbicides, pesticides, lead, cysts, industrial solvents and any number of cancer-causing compounds.

The average home purifiers remove only chlorine, but not the chlorination byproducts, which is simply illogical. So, look for a device that is certified to remove chlorine AND THMs. Then drink tap water, instead of bottled, and protect our freshwater supplies. We dont have to worry about the chemicals in tap water. We just need a good purifier.

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