Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Benefits of Under Sink Water Filters

By Derek Reeve

The quality of the water you drink on a daily basis makes a difference in the quality of your health. Under sink water filters can make clear, healthy water available to you in your home easily, efficiently and economically. In fact, they have many advantages over other water purification systems available.

Bottled water is very expensive and not always the best quality. It is difficult to store and handle and concerns grow about the effects of the plastic on the quality of the water. An under sink filter is out of the way and yet produces abundant clean water. Following are the benefits of an under sink filter.

An under sink water filter is a very economical way to provide all the purified water you want for less than 10 cents per gallon. Using a carbon block or granular filtration system, it is an efficient and thorough system. Under sink water filters free up space in your kitchen once taken up by bottles, pitchers and other systems. If you have a small kitchen, you will appreciate that it is out of the way and out of sight.

An undersink water filter is easy to install and use. You will be able to install it in a matter of minutes without hiring a plumber. After installation, you will have plenty of fresh, clean water coming out of your sink without any effort on your part. Under sink filters using carbon filtration technology remove both organic and synthetic chemicals. On the other hand, reverse osmosis and distillation have to be used in conjunction with carbon filters because they do not remove all kinds of contaminants effectively.

An under sink filter is able to take out all of the harmful contaminants in your water while at the same time leaving in the natural minerals that are beneficial to your health and help make your water taste good. Under sink filters do not require any regular maintenance like other systems. The osmosis and distillation process requires good water pressure not always available in homes and has a large storage tank that takes up a great deal of space.

Under sink filters can purify up to 30 gallons of water in one hour. Carbon filtration technology is fast and efficient. By contrast, reverse osmosis and distillation only treats one gallon per hour. Best of all, under sink filters remove the chemicals, such as chlorine, that cause your water to taste bad.

You will no longer need filtering pitchers or attachments to your faucet with an under sink water filter. Fresh, delicious water will come directly from your faucet for all of your drinking and cooking needs. The water purified by an under sink water filter will also clean your dishes better. There will be no soap scum build-up. Your house will smell better and the quality of the air your breath will be greatly improved. The chlorine and chemicals previously released into the air in the steam will no longer pollute your air.

An under sink filter purification system has so many benefits when compared to other types of water purification options. If you are interested in having readily available, affordable drinking water in your home for your daily needs, it is the option to consider.

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