Friday, September 4, 2009

Common Styles and Designs of Fireplace Screens

By Pamela Smith

Top quality fireplace screens are the hearth covers and must be ascertained to be durable and well-built. The durability of these covers is vital considering the actual work performance they are being exposed. These particular ash blockers are effective for keeping ashes and flames from being thrown out of the hearth. These come in many different sizes, shapes and designs with styles that range from the classical to the modern. Most of these screens are made of metal and designed in varying styles.

These fireplace screens come in many folds from three to six, depending on the taste of the owner. These are mostly decorative so they enhance not only the appearance of the hearth but the other decor and pieces of furniture around the focal point of your home. You may opt to have some pieces of these ash blockers for new look in your burning place every once in a while.

This graceful 3-fold design is a timeless design that surely enhances the appearance of your heart. The three-fold glass fireplace screens protect your hardwood, tile or carpeted floors from sparking embers and provide you a full unobstructed sight of the flickering flames. This screen design makes it quite adjustable to fit to any fire burning place.

The three-fold glass fireplace screens are skillfully engineered and built to provide reliable service while helping you enjoy your wood-burning to the maximum. Quality materials of premium standard have been selected for their ability to withstand the wear and tear of daily use. Every piece of screen has the craftsmans eye for design and detail which ensure a long lasting tool that combines utility and beauty.

There are leading online manufacturers which design matching tool sets, log holders, log carriers and other fireplace accessories as well as and other outdoor leisure products. You can browse and check on the internet for these web sites where these manufacturers are found. They can certainly provide you with myriads of styles and designs that you need for your fireplace screens.

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