Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Solutions To Your Drainage Problems

By Lee Davidson

There will always be a reason for a drain to block. If you ever find that your drainage system is overflowing first thing you should do is call out a professional drainage company to unblock it. Next I would recommend once the drain is unblocked for the customer to have a cctv drain camera survey to find out what has caused the blockage. Some customers are quite happy to just have their drain unblocked and not have the camera survey but I believe this is false economy as 70% of drains will block again. Once you have found out what the problem is and where in the pipe it is situated you need to work out the most suitable method of fixing the pipe. For instance if you had a collapse it would have to be excavated and if you had an open joint you can patch it

Root intrusion in to the drainage system always and up with the same result a blockage and when left to get out of control can even cause your pipe to collapse. If you think you have this problem again get a cctv drain camera survey to check .If there are roots the survey will pin point where the roots are. Next a drainage professional will cut the roots out the the aid of a root cutter on the end of a high pressure water jetting hose which will gently cut the intruding roots out. Then they should really patch the affected area to stop the roots grow back. You dont have to do this but it is really false economy as in a few months the roots will grow back and your drain will block again

One of the most common drainage repairs required is to cure a collapsed or cracked drain. A collapse can occur due to the old pipe cracking due to a heavy weight placed above ground or just general age. Drains may crack and joints open up resulting from ground movement, water infiltration, root ingress or vehicular traffic. The only solution in the past has been to locate the defective area and repair the pipe after excavating to expose the drain

It is not unheard of for foreign objects to be accidentally dropped down drainage systems especially on new build sites if man hole covers are left of during construction. I have seen all sorts of things down there including stones, wood and even work mens tools. Another favorite to be left down drains is drain rods, they normally come apart when people try to unblock their own drains instead of calling in the professionals. These obstructions can normally be removed with a high pressure water jetting machine but in more stubborn cases the drain can have to be dug up and replaced with new

Over the last few years there have been great advances in the drainage industry and one of them is No Dig Technology. This is when you are able for example to fix a cracked pipe from within. Great eh no digging up your new patio or well groomed lawn. What happens is we place a mat coated in resin around a rubber tube then push it down the drain pipe to the affected area and inflate it using an air compressor. We leave the inflated tube for an hour and a half to set then remove it leaving a perfectly smooth patch covering the once affected area

When drain has collapsed you cant get a packer into the affected area to patch the break so unfortunately you have to dig down to expose the broken pipe , then cut the break out and put new pipe in using collars to hold it in place. I always find the easiest method is to use a slip collar which slides over the new pipe before fitting the when fitted slides over covering the old and new pipe held in place by its rubber seals. Then we cover the new piece of pipe with fine shingle stone and fill back in the trench and reinsstate the surface so as if nothing has been done

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