Tuesday, July 28, 2009

21 Your Guide to an Effective Real Estate Marketing: The Importance of P.S. in Your Copy

By M. B. Bradley

P.S. Have you ever noticed that every sales letter ends with a P.S.? It's true. And there's good reason why.

If your latest real estate postcard mailing doesn't have a P.S. on them, you can simply put a P.S. and leave every detail in your copy as they were.

The next step would be the message you want to include in your P.S. It is important that your message will be memorable to your prospect. You can simply include your phone number or just a gist about your offer. Keep in mind that your customer will be moved to reply if they read anything that catches their attention.

Why is the P.S. such a fundamental fixture in the copywriting world? Simply because it works, it is also pure and simple. Statistics show that after the headline of your copy, your reader will immediately turn to see who has sent the mailing. And in the process, the reader then reads the P.S. This means that if you don't use a P.S. you're missing out on a vital selling opportunity.

Therefore, not having a P.S. in your real estate direct marketing materials is like not having a business card. You are making a decision, not to take advantage of all the marketing opportunities that are open to you.

How do you make your P.S. more productive?

First, make sure that your P.S. has an interesting and appealing introduction. Your prospects would normally read the headline of your P.S. first. You must grab their attention at once so they will continue reading the content of your P.S.

It is also important to make the content of your P.S. short but substantial. Make sure to boost the content with powerful words but avoid making it long. Prospects hate it when your P.S. contains too many sentences.

Just as you spend a good deal of time perfecting the headline of your mailing, you need to spend some time, effort and thought, deciding what your P.S. message says. While it can be anything you deem appropriate, urgent and necessary, you do need to say it with flare. So don't hurriedly write this.

Another effective method to writing your real estate postcard marketing copy is to first write the beginning of your copy (the headline) then the end (the P.S.) before tackling the middle. This helps in constructing a tight and sexy real estate marketing copy!

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