Thursday, July 16, 2009

Real Estate Postcard Marketing Tip: Use List Brokers to Help You Reach More Prospects

By M. B. Bradley

If you're in the direct-marketing business long enough, you learn that there is a mailing list for just about every segment of the population you can conceive, as well as quite a few you probably never even thought existed.

So next time when you are giving your valuable time in deciding, who shall you aim towards your next postcard mailing in search for good houses in which to invest, give direct mail broker a thought. List broker can provide you with the list of "seriously motivated sellers". Here is a list you want to use, right?

Data brokers can help you succeed in your real estate direct marketing because they have the experience in filtering out mailing lists of home sellers who are strongly driven to quickly sell their homes.

Not only can a list broker provide you with this information, but they can break this information down even further by providing you with names of those who bought more than $50 worth of supplements in the past year.

You must also understand that it's only a rental of names, which means that your contract with Brokerage Company is, only to use the name once-just once. Sometimes, you may also need to inform about the day, or a tentative date, when you may use these names.

The reason for their asking the mailing date is to avoid double mailing from some other direct marketers. This gives you an opportunity to mail, without worrying about your competitor's postcard sitting in the mail box the very same day.

If you are interested in using the same names for a second time, then you will need to rent them again. If your mailing dates vary, you have to check it with your broker the very instant.

Because these list brokers make their money on renting names, they need to ensure that the names they provide you are as useful to you as possible. That's why many of them - especially when it comes to the real estate market - update their lists every three months. In this way, you're assured of getting new names to use.

And the additional beauty of all of this is that it saves you time and effort of scrounging through your local legal news, your courthouse or other resources discovering and collecting them on your own. And that frees you up to do what you do best: make money!

How do you find list brokers? If you live in a large enough city, you may have one or two listed in your yellow pages. You can start here. If not, just fire up that trusty computer and type "mailing list brokers real estate" into your favorite search engine. Before you know it you'll have several from which to choose. When you do this, you'll be adding power to your next postcard mailing. Guaranteed!

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