Saturday, July 25, 2009

Costa Rica Property Investment

By Randy Berg

Property Investment in Costa Rica is a booming sector. Costa Rica welcomes people from countries all around the world to come here. The country of Costa Rica nestled in the Central American region was discovered by Christopher Columbus in the 1500s. This country comprises of a group of islands and was aptly named Costa Rica by its discoverer because of its extensive and rich coastline. Costa Rica is a Spanish name which when translates to English means "rich coast".

The people of Costa Rica, also called the "ticos" are very warm and welcoming in their attitude. This is what increases the beauty of this place even more. The enthralling landscape, the towering mountains and the regal volcanoes are not just what Costa Rica has on offer. Any visitor who comes to Costa Rica leaves with the dream of owning a property here which equals to owning a piece of paradise.

There are numerous reasons why Costa Rica is becoming a preferred choice for property investment. Costa Rica is a land beyond just sensuous beaches, picturesque landscape, lush greenery and majestic mountains. It is a land of happy and content people. The natives of Costa Rica, also referred to as "ticos", are warm and friendly in nature.

The various options that Costa Rica offers for property investment are beach properties, upscale residential homes, farms and mountain properties. Some of the places in Costa Rica where your investment in property will prove worthwhile are in the Central Provinces of Heredia and Alajuela, locations in San Jose such as Escazu and Santa Ana and places like Puerto Viejo, Punta Uva and Dominical.

Costa Rica property investment is also a good option because the country offers good infrastructure support like good roads, good Internet connectivity, public transportation, free trade zones, universities, schools, banks and good air transport. The weather in Costa Rica and the scenic beauty of this land ranging from the bountiful rainforest's to the volcanoes and the enticing beaches ensures that property investment is worth every penny here.

Costa Rica property investment is a good option because this place is also safe to a great extent, and offers peace of mind and protection to the foreigners who invest their money here in purchasing property. The government of Costa Rica has introduced many liberal economic policies that are in favor of the investors looking to invest in property here. As compared to many other Central American countries, Costa Rica has the longest and strongest democracy too.

There are certain points to keep in mind while investing in property in Costa Rica. The Costa Rica real estate market is a two-tiered market which means that there are different rates for the same property for the "ticos" (natives of Costa Rica) and "gringos" (foreigners who come for investment). The property prices quoted for the "gringos" are nearly twice the price quoted for "ticos". Hence, it is important to bear this point in mind and negotiate on the costs demanded by the seller for the property.

Another important aspect to note is that the legal process is completed thoroughly. It is important to have sufficient knowledge on how to get the property registered in your name completely and take over 100% ownership rights on the property. If you are not aware of this, it is recommended to take the services of a local attorney who can hand hold you through this entire procedure.

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