Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Keeping Your Chainsaw In Tiptop Condition

By Frankie Lee

The chainsaw is a a piece of machinery built for heavy duty cutting. But whether you will be using it or not, you must take good care of your chainsaw and keep it in good condition so you'll get your desired results every time you fell some trees and other chores that demand serious cutting power.

Among the things you need to look out for is the sharpness of your chainsaw bits. You can tell if the chain is dull if the bits get stuck in the wood instead of grabbing on it and pulling it while the chains slides through. Another thing you must know is that chainsaws throw bits of wood while doing its job, not saw dust. If you get fine saw dust, your chain saw needs some sharpening.

With regards to the chain, you should inspect the chain for any loose contacts or whether it is too tight or too loose. The bar should show no signs of bents, crimped teeth, and loose retaining nuts. Before using the chain saw, always check if the chain runs smoothly around the bar.

Always check the fuel system of your chainsaw before and after use and during its layoff period. You see, chainsaws use a mixture of engine oil and gasoline to operate. The ratio, however, depends on the model and manufacturers designs. This mixture can cause the fuel filter to clog, especially if you use your chain saw on a frequent basis.

The air filter should be taken out and cleaned regularly, especially after every use. Considering that chain saws always operate in dusty environments, cleaning the air filter is a must. Make sure the exterior of the chain saw are clean prior to pulling out the air filter. It is best that you clean the filter in a dust free location. You also need to replace your air filter often to get maximum performance, once a week if you use your chainsaw more than three times a week.

If you suspect engine problems, do not try to solve the problem yourself to save money for the repairs. Instead, let the professionals have a look at it since they have the necessary tools and expertise to see what needs to be done efficiently and quickly.

If you are going to store your chains saw for more than 30 days, drain the fuel from the tanks and use all the remaining fuel in the injection system and carburetor by starting and running the equipment until it stops. Next, drain all the engine oil and remove the bar and the chain. Store the chain in an airtight container filled with oil, while the bar should coated with oil and wrapped with paper. Also apply a rust inhibitor to the combustion chamber to make sure your chain saw wont be speckled with rust the next time you use it.

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