Thursday, July 16, 2009

Storage Solutions For Your Closets

By Jane A Moore

My closets are a night mare and potentially a health hazard. Each time I open my front hall closet I raise my left arm in a defensive blocking maneuver. I had read articles on storage techniques and thought I was following some of the basic idea. It just wasn't working for me. I needed help and fast.

Times have changed and I have to admit that closet organization has become a fairly substantial industry. There are closet organization consultants and there are closet organization companies. If you Google the term hundreds and hundreds of web sites show up claiming that they can quickly help you redesign your closet organizational system.

I am now among the converted and I am proud to say my closets are pretty well organized. I started down the path of closet organization by looking in other people's closets. I started to notice that my most productive and time efficient friends had extraordinarily well organized closets. Was this just a con-incidence? It seemed that people who were organized with their time were also organized with their closets.

After stumbling across my sister-in-law's secret, I started to copy some of her ideas. I first got to work on my front hall cupboard which is the closet I need to access the most. I initially got some plastic shelving and some clear Rubbermaid bins. This initial step was very simple and cheap but enormously helpful. All gloves, mitts, toques, and hats, and scarves went into one bin. All slippers went into another bin. Just with the use of two bins, the house and closet felt less cluttered.

Since that time I have gleefully headed off to Canadian Tire or Home Depot every time I decided to add another closet to my list of organized closets. I have read many articles on the subject and I have contributed to many blogs. I have written in to housekeeping magazines and I have preached to my friends. My life is simply better since it became more organized and my life became more organized once I started to organize my closets.

The first step in organizing your closet is to be honest with yourself about what you really need and use. Once you have done this type of critical inventory make a bag of items to give to the charity shop. You do not need to hire a closet organizational consultant if it is not in your budget. After purging your closet, you can start with something small like temporary shelving and bins. Experiment a bit. There are decent and affordable storage solutions for every closet.

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