Wednesday, July 15, 2009

How To Clean Carpet Stains Using Household Liquids

By Nikki Rowd

Carpet stains are any professional cleaner's enemy especially if they are undetected and left to dry over a long period of time. Stains can damage a carpet; they can also promote the wreaking of various odors and the spread of all sorts of germs and bacteria that can prove to be harmful if not taken care of in good time and in proper ways. However, these stains are not far from being easily removed and you can do this just by using regular household items. Learn how to clean a carpet with these following liquids and you can save money from buying super expensive cleaning solutions.


When it comes to fresh carpet stains, water is still the best solution. With warm or even hot water and a few paper towels or rags, this is the best way to clean up a carpet stain on a budget. However, this is only best if you clean up a new spill and not something that has been in the carpet for a long time (long enough to attract all sorts of bacteria and form odors). So after a new spill, warm water and paper towels is best to absorb and get rid of any liquids and small debris.


Another effective solution to stains is the ammonia. Here is how to clean carpet stains with the chemical. You will need to mix a tablespoon of the stuff with a half-cup of water first because ammonia alone can be very harsh and damaging to any carpet. Blot the mixture onto the stain and leave it there for a couple of minutes. Then, use a sponge and clean water to blot that area again and you will notice that the stain will now be absorbed into the sponge as it was loosened by the ammonia.


Vinegar has another use that has nothing to do with food: carpet cleaning. Here's how to clean carpet stains with this condiment. Again, this should not be used in its pure form and it is highly recommended that you use white vinegar. Mix a third of a cup of the vinegar with a two-thirds cup of water. Then blot it on the area where the stain is (this is especially helpful with beer stains that give off an odor). Then use a sponge and some water to blot that area again to absorb the stain and liquid off the carpet.

Rubbing Alcohol

With rubbing alcohol, there's no need for you to mix or dilute it in any other liquid. Rubbing alcohol is especially useful in removing stubborn and sticky stains such as ink. It will help remove the stickiness from the ink so that it can be wiped off easily. Rubbing alcohol can also be used to remove blood stains as well but perhaps a little water will be needed to help remove it further.

When it comes to carpet cleaning, there's no need for you to look beyond your household supplies. This is a great way on how to clean carpet stains minus the hassle of going to the department store and wasting time as a spill sets into your rug.

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